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Ashley Streeto

Reading Images: Multimodality, Representation and New Media

2 min read

In Reading Images: Multimodality, Representation and New Media By Gunther Kress, he is talking about al of the different ways to communicate and get your idea across and how all of these different ways of communicating has shaped us as learners.

While this reading was very hard for me to understand do to the layout and the confusing topic, what I got from this article was that the way that we learn is very different do to texts and screens. Showing something with a picture, for example a picture in a book can be portrayed as something different then explaining the picture out with words. When the author says,"each mode forces me into making certain kinds of commitments about meaning, intended or not. The choice of mode has profound effects on meaning, and textbook designers, for instance, need to be aware of such meaning effects of different modes," it made me think of how sometimes I learn better looking at pictures or watching videos, rather than reading a book. If that is the point the author is trying to make then I agree with him because I feel that everyone learns differently and the way that something something is presented is very important to a learner.