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Ashley Streeto

The Moment to Capture is the Future

2 min read

In the video, "How New Digital Media and the Internet are Fueling an Innovative Surge in Communication, Creativity and Collaboration," the speaker, Elyse Eidman-Aadahl, speaks strongly about the new digital tools that are technology which we have created. She remembered when she was a child that the writing process used to be a process. There were all these different jobs that had to be done by different people. First, there was the writer, who wrote the piece. Then there was the editor, next, the publisher and designer. Then there was someone who marketed the piece. Now, there only needs to be one person because the person could be an editor, writer and a publisher with the new technology that is around. We need to prepare children for this awesome new steop into the future.

I completely agree with Elyse Eidman-Aadahl when she says that we can share with, and learn from anyone else connected to the internet and that is an amazing tool. Typically, older people think that the internet is stupid and useless but in reality it is such an amazing place to learn. People learn best from a peer, rather then a teacher and I cannot think of a better place to learn.

The moment to capture is the future because with people growing up with such awesome technology, they should know how to really use it to their adantage, to make this world a better place.