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Ashley Streeto

Construction and/or Creation of Online Content

1 min read

I was not sure how I felt reading the title of this article that we had to read, "Construction and/or Creation of Online Content," mainly because that is all we ever talk about in class. Something that this article did do for me was really open my eyes to the difference between "construction" and "creation". I guess hearing the two so many times made me think that they were interchangable when they are in fact different, which is what W. Ian O'Byrne is trying to prove and I am glad that I actually read this because it taught me the difference. He states that, "creation can be viewed simply as the act of producing, or causing to exist. Construction is the building or assembling of an infrastructure," this means that you basically can't have one without the other. They are not interchangable, creation is producing online, and construction following through with it and building it. Without these steps children will not be able to learn as well using the internet.